Hi there!


I'm Katrina.

I've always been intrigued by what motivates people to do what they do. From a young age as I watched the people around me and the paths they chose to take, I was determined to forge a path that was completely of my own doing through empowered choice. Well, back then it probably sounded like: "I'M NOT BEING LIKE THEM." Ha!

Sounds good, eh? Like, I really knew what I was doing. 

Well, not exactly. When I got to university, I jumped around different courses, five times in total, until I happened upon something that really spoke to me. At that time, it was Visual Anthropology. My studies led me to India one summer and I decided to do my research through hanging out with a local astrologer, as I wanted to gain insight into how they use astrology. I always had an interest in astrology and was spiritually inclined, though I wanted to see and experience it in day-to-day practice. 

From my experience, I gathered that they took a very deterministic approach towards astrology whereas your chart is your chart, your path is your path, and you have no real choice. Your choice was made before the moment of incarnation, when you chose that life and that birth chart.

Let's just say, that approach did not sit with me at all! I went home to the States and started to learn energy modalities, putting my astrology intrigues to the side.

Fast forward a year or two and I found myself frightened by what my life had become. I had finished my undergraduate degree, was working a job that did not engage me on a soul-level, and in a living situation that didn't feel right. I realised I was dangerously close to embarking on a disconnected, disempowered path that I tried to avoid my whole life. 

So, I followed my intuition and jumped ship.

I found a job that paid me to travel, and six months later I was teaching teaching English to children in South Korea. (A time that coincided with my first Jupiter return!)

Before I left though, I was very aware of a trend I noticed among acquaintances. Being driven by societal norms of relationship and material security, they were embarking on a new decade of their life unfulfilled and wondering who they were. Many a time, people said to me, "Oh, you're so brave, I wish I could do that or did that years ago." Every time, I wanted to shake them and say that there was nothing different about me, that they had the capability to do what they wanted with life if they made the choice to listen to themselves about what they authentically wanted. 

Off I went, and my journeys did not stop in Korea, I visited Japan, wound up back in India for a few months, and eventually settled in Ireland in 2013. 

It was here in Ireland that astrology came back into my life through being a student of transpersonal astrologers Andrew Smith and Karen Morgan. Astrology was no longer a science to see what life had in store for you, but quite the opposite. 


It was with them I learned that astrology is merely a cosmic language that articulates the energy of our incarnation (natal chart) and a reflection of the collective consciousness (current transits). And that we could use this awareness to live a life more aligned to our soul yearnings through empowered choices. 

In my own work as an astrologer, I love to help people who are ready to embark on the journey of awareness and empowerment. Those who do not fear who they are and the deep transformational work that emerges through developing awareness. Those who want to contribute to society through their own unique creations, whatever that may be.

Because, as the saying goes, to change the world you have to start with yourself. Astrological guidance is an illuminating tool that empowers you to be... you! 

It is my belief that not everyone who uses astrology in their lives have to be astrologers. Sure, when it was recommended to me that I might have a knack for astrology I was like ah, no it's far too complicated. 

However, astrology is a way of life. It encourages awareness of ourselves, and what surrounds us. One doesn't need to know all the technical information to use it. As I previously mentioned, astrology is a cosmic language. The conversation doesn't just go from it to us. 

It is my dream to build a community of cosmically aware individuals who engage the cosmic energies around them with awareness, action, and conversation through basic knowledge of the elements, ritual and ceremonial work. 

At the moment, I am doing this by working with people through bringing astrological awareness around what they're creating with healing guidance. 


Katrina holds the following academic qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Anthropology from Temple University, Philadelphia (2011)
Master of Philosophy in Textual and Visual Studies from Trinity College, Dublin (2015)

Katrina hold the following Certificates:

Advanced Astrology Certificate from Blue Rose School of Astrology

Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Relationship ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor
Reiki Master/Teacher