Galway - November 30

Online - December 7

Dublin - December 14

2 hours - €45

(price includes the 2020 Moon Craft Journal)

Soul and heart centred entrepreneur, creative, artist, whomever - you can utilise the flow of the moon cycles as a way of naturally building the intentions of your goals for the upcoming year with ease.

Naturally, as the new year draws in we consider what goals we would like to see for ourselves and our business (for those of us who are self-employed) as we plan the forthcoming year. What the moon cycles do is offer a framework to illustrate what time of year would be good to set the intention for particular goals/projects. The cycles also then offer a structure to orientate action, reflection, and adjustment as that intention begins to grow.

In our time together we will do the following:

1) Enter into a space of reflection for what we have created in 2019
Learn a simple release ritual to honour all that was created as we begin a new cycle of creation as the new year approaches

2) Learn how to use the Moon Cycles made easy and as different stages of developing intentions, focusing on the New Moon, Quarter Moons, and Full Moon.

3) Learn about the different energetic statements of each of the zodiac signs and how at the beginning of the year we organise our year according to what sign is best suited to support your yearly intentions.

4) Katrina will show you how to keep track of your 2020 progress through using the Moon Craft 2020 Journal/Planner that is included in this workshop fee.

5) To finish, enter into a space of reflection for what you would like to invite in for the next year and begin to apply what you’ve learned in the workshop through Katrina’s guidance.

If you have any questions at all, you can contact Katrina at or 0831709912.

Take a look at the Moon Craft Journal:

If you would like to read more about Katrina and her work, check out this interview with Laura from

"Katrina Brady is an astrologer, based in Dublin, Ireland, mainly focusing on healing work and a grounded approach to working with natural cycles. I first met her at one of her full moon circles. My experience when it comes to spirituality, astrology and working with the moon cycle was and still is very limited but „invest[ing] in [my] soulful growth“ seemed intriguing and I decided to give it a try. Turned out it was worth every second."

Phone: 0831709912

Book both the Moon Craft workshop and this workshop to receive €5 off!

Moon Craft Workshop in Dublin: October 19
Moon Craft Workshop in Galway: November 30

The deposit for this workshop is €30.
€15 will be collected in person on the day in the workshop or €35 if you book both workshops.

I very much look forward to making moon magic with you! xx

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