I currently practice a number of energy healing services both in person and online, depending on what you’re seeking.

I am trained in and a master/teacher of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. I am also trained in Theta Healing and Access Bars.

If you would like a relaxing healing session or would like assistance in helping release emotional energy from your body and aura, I would recommend reiki and IET, which is an angelic therapy. I use a combination of both modalities to bring the client into a deep state of relaxation for deep and powerful emotional release. It is great for when you feel like you need some extra love and care looking after your own energy, are going through a trying time, or feel a sense of stagnation.

If you would like to delve into the roots of whatever issues you’re currently moving through, so as to release and clear any limiting beliefs to open you up to new possibilities I would recommend Theta Healing and Access Bars. Within Theta Healing, we use light discussion and helpful questioning to dig into the root cause of what is manifesting in our lives (ie seeing what’s at the root of anxiety rather than just alleviating the anxiety). With Access Bars, in the beginning of the session we bring energy around what you would like to change in your life or manifest and within the session we run your bars which clear out the limiting beliefs associated with different areas of life. Both therapies work to clear limiting beliefs, Theta healing is more talking based, Access is more energy based and feels kind of like an energetic head massage!

All sessions are an hour and are €60.
Return visits are then €50.

For optimal benefits, a course of 3 sessions is recommended but your choice.
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In my tarot guidance sessions, we use the cards as a tool to bring clarity around your most recent past/present/future options. Using the tarot as a form of guidance is brilliant as it tends to very clearly show you what needs to be addressed at the present moment and gives advice in terms possibly outcomes if you were to empower yourself to make new choices within your life. I also tend to integrate different healing tools within these sessions, as more often than not the cards also reveal blocks or patterns that need to be addressed which the healing work can help.

All sessions are an hour and are €60.
Return visits are then €50.

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