Moon Craft Workshop

Dublin Wellness Centre

October 19, 2019 // 1-4 PM


November 30, 2019 - 11AM - 1PM

50 euro
45 euro student & unwaged

Will you join us for an afternoon of delving into the art of crafting with the moon?

Whether you have an interest in the moon cycles, astrology, or are just curious in learning more - during this afternoon you will dive deeply into the empowerment through and ritual use of the lunation cycle with astrologer and healer, Katrina Brady.

Moon craft is an ancient practice of utilising the natural cycles of the moon. When we remember this practice and use it, we empower the divine feminine within. In this workshop, we will seek to heal and empower the ancient divine feminine within us by bringing it outside of ourselves and into modern practice through things like herbal and candle craft. Bringing the magic of the moon into form!

It is truly a great time to delve into this moon practice to help build the energy towards what you would like to manifest in your life on all levels. This workshop is all about bringing this ancient practice into grounded modern practice. Being a lunar witch doesn’t have to be weird - it’s already built into our bodies on a monthly basis, ladies!

During our time together, you will:


  • explore the use of the moon cycle as a form of remembering our ancient feminine power and developing a spiritual practice

  • learn about the moon and her 8 part cycle through discussion and embodiment

  • be in sacred community with a collective of magical Souls!


  • engage in a group meditation and healing, where we will reconnect with this ancient feminine power within

  • receive healing facilitated by Katrina and also by stepping into sacred circle to embody your moon.

  • we will work to clear a lot of residual ancestral/generational karma that we as women tend to carry concerning body & menstrual cycle shame, that it is unsafe to be a healer/intuitive, that we do not have the ability to heal/be healed/intuit, etc.

  • you will then receive a lot of healing and downloads to help remember your abilities and power

  • have time within the sacred circle to reflect on what you would like to breathe life into this year


  • learn the benefits and use of ritualising the use of the moon cycles through the use of herbal & candle spell craft, and incantation (sounds witchy, hmm? they’re just different ways of building energy and grounding intention)

  • learn how to make a basic alter for your ritual practice

  • learn about your moon’s element in relation to the other elements and how to nurture it

  • receive a special print of your birth chart, designed by Katrina, that can be used during your moon crafting

  • make your own herbal spell for the following New Moon through guidance and the intentional selection of herbs provided by Katrina

You Will Receive

  • a uniquely designed print of your astrology birth chart

  • print out of the moon craft concepts covered in class

  • a longer PDF version of the workshop information

  • candle/herbal ingredients for your Moon cycle spell casting!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Katrina!

If you’d like to find out more about her work, read her interview with Laura from the here:

“Katrina Brady is an astrologer, based in Dublin, Ireland, mainly focusing on healing work and a grounded approach to working with natural cycles. I first met her at one of her full moon circles. My experience when it comes to spirituality, astrology and working with the moon cycle was and still is very limited but „invest[ing] in [my] soulful growth“ seemed intriguing and I decided to give it a try. Turned out it was worth every second.” - Laura

Spaces are limited, pre-booking through eventbrite is required.

Phone: 0831709912


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