A Modern System for an Ancient Practice

Our calendar as we know it today is based on natural cycles.

The month, or moon-th, is around the same amount of time as a complete moon cycle (as is the monthly lady cycle, of course!).

From an astrological perspective, everything is teeming with meaning and interconnection. The foundations of society as we know it today is built on these ideas, such as the days of the week (moon-day), the month itself, and entire calendar.

It is a knowledge that is innate to us all but we have forgotten it, just as we have forgotten that originally the month was based around the length of the moon cycle.

Though, when we remember how to use these natural cycles, we step into co-creating with the time that is available to us.

We remember how to make magic through the Moon!

How empowering is that?!

Through remembering our ability to co-create with the moon we begin to understand that there is a time for setting intentions, a time for new action, a time for reflection, and a time for stillness.

We begin to gently slow down our life and live with conscious intention and reflection. We step into a natural flow of energy that helps us make the most of the energetic opportunities that are available to us.

We also begin to de-condition ourselves from a fast-paced world that places value on immediate results and outlandish expectations.

A natural spiritual approach to life emerges!

One were we understand that the space we hold for ourselves each day is part of larger energetic cycles that interconnect the past, present and future.

We feel held by these cycles as we begin to understand their design through our lives.

We are not alone, we are of the Earth, of the Moon, of the Stars, of the Planets and beyond.

The Moon partly represents our sOul and our emotions. The more that we tap into and honour the moon cycles, the more we come to know our own sOul nature and emotional intelligence through it.

The 2019 Moon Craft Journal is your guide through this process.

This booklet seeks to help guide you on your path of lunar remembrance by simply explaining how to use the moon cycles by phase and sign, and also offers pages for New & Full Moon reflections.

I wrote this booklet wanting to empower the reader to develop their intuitive ability to tap into the energy of the Moon.

I wanted to help guide you through simple steps on how to use the moon cycles without bogging you down on what it is all supposed to mean.

You have the ability to craft with the Moon, this booklet can assist you!

You will also not likely find this lunar system used elsewhere other than through those of us at the Blue Rose School of Astrology.

A lot of what is written today would have you understand that each New or Full Moon is an individual phenomenon.

It most certainly is not!

The New Moon is a beginning of a year long process through whichever sign it is in.
Then the Full Moon in the same sign reflects back to that point about 5.5 months on.

Simply, there are 12 Lunar cycles that are constantly in motion and connecting past and present to link in with the future.

It sounds complex, but this booklet has been designed to make it easy and simple to use.

You will have all of your New and Full Moon written musings all in one place within this book, with each Full Moon page giving the past date for reflection so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

As the year goes on, you will see the interconnection between the past and present through your written reflections.

You will begin to notice that the this Moon system helps track and understand patterns that are emerging through your life. It is incredibly empowering to understand the ebb and flow of life and learn to flow with them instead of resisting them at times.

Your 2019 Moon Craft Journal includes:

  • 47 pages of guidance and journal pages

  • an easy how-to system that also explains the New/Waxing Quarter/Full/Waning Quarter Moon phases,

  • simple explanation of the 12 Moon signs

  • the 2019 Lunar Cycles written by sign, making the complication easy!

  • a ritual to invoke Her Moonful Self to intuitively feel the relevant moon phase

  • New & Full Moon journal pages for your musings

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