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Workshops in
Dublin, Ireland and Online via Zoom

The next circle will be for the June Gemini New Moon - will you join us?

The Dublin workshop will be at Dublin Holistic Centre on Monday, June 11th at 7:30 PM and is 1 hour.

Online Workshops are 40 minutes long and are held via ZOOM on:
Tuesday, June 12th at 9AM Standard Irish Time (6PM in Melbourne/Sydney, Australia).
Tuesday, June 12th at 11PM Standard Irish Time (6pm Eastern Time)

It will be an evening of delving into the mystical energies of the moon.


The new moon every month offers  an opportunity to set an intention for the next 6 months - like making a cosmic wish.


One does not need to be an astrologer to work with planetary energies. As we are physical manifestations of the cosmic as depicted in our birth charts, we all possess the capability to tune in to and connect with the planetary energy. We do this intuitively, by bringing a little bit of awareness around the current energetic opportunities that are present allow us to reflect on what we have been doing and where we would like to go.

You don't need to know anything about astrology at all really - this is designed to both guide and teach you how to work with the energy on an intuitive level. So, will you join us to invest in your soulful growth and consciously sow your seed of intention for the next half year?

We will ->

✨ discuss the lunar cycle in relation to the Gemini New Moon for June

✨ look at what the new moon is bringing up for you personally with a little chart interpretation

✨ develop our intuitive skills by tapping into the lunar energies through tarot, to help you work with the moon at home

✨ learn how to set your intentions for the new moon, and release with the full moon

You will receive ->

✨ a copy of your birth chart

✨ a 7 page digital PDF with all of the lunar information discussed in the class, a lunar ritual, and also two specially designed tarot spreads


The Dublin workshop is 1 hour and is €15.
The Online workshops are 40 minutes and is €10.
To keep this circle sacred, spaces are limited.

You will also receive a €10 credit to use for other services if you book in!

I also specialize in astrological healing.
I am available for astrology and ThetaHealing consultations, either combined or separately, in Dublin or online.





Hi, I'm Katrina. I am an astrologer and healer who is interested in helping facilitate your journey through personal development through cosmic witchery which combines the use of the astrological, Thetahealing, and ritual craft to unlock your inner intuitive. If you would like to learn more about me, click the button below!