3 month Lunar Return Map

AriesChiron andthe New Moon(3).png
AriesChiron andthe New Moon(3).png

3 month Lunar Return Map


This mini e-book will have all that you need to know about your upcoming lunar cycle.

Did you know that you have your own lunar cycle?

Each month you have a lunar return, where the moon returns to the same exact spot it was when you were born.

Knowing this date and it’s chart is great for preparing for your own emotional cycle and understanding your own inner process. This PDF is signed to prepare you for your upcoming monthly Soulful cycle.

Personalized especially for you, this PDF will include:

  • your lunar return chart

  • an explanation of all planetary aspects of in relation to the moon

  • a timeline of your moon aspects for the coming moon so that you can design your monthly schedule being mindful of your own personal ebb and flow.

  • healing downloads to support your lunar map

  • ritual to tune into the beginning of your lunar cycle

Are you ready to tune into the moon and invest in your soulful growth?

This will purchase will be for your upcoming lunar return. That specific date is unique to your own moon.

I will require your birth details, to create this for you, including your exact time of birth. If you do not have your time of birth, I will be unable to do this for you. If you have any questions please get in touch!

If you purchase this product, you will receive 10 euros off any astrology or Thetahealing service with Katrina.

Please allow for 5 business days for this PDF to be made and sent to you.

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Please allow for 3 business days for this PDF to be made and sent to you.

This work is not predictive, but rather is designed to help you understand the mood of the upcoming month for you in relation to different areas of your life.