Hey Sunshine!

Chances are, you're aware of what your your sun sign is (or more commonly known as your star sign).

You might have read your little horoscopes at the back of magazines or have looked into the stereotypes of each of the signs.

But, what does the sun actually mean in astrology and how is information useful to you in your life and business?


Well, simply, the sun represents your consciousness - the self. 

If we imagine the sun, what are some adjectives that come to mind?

The sun shines, it beams, it brings light and warmth to the world.

When the sky is clear and sun is shining, we can see our environment more visibly.


To get into the true energy essence of astrology, it is helpful to observe nature. The above observations are clues to what the sun represents astrologically!

See, not too tricky!

So for you! The sun represents how YOU shine, YOUR light and warmth that you contribute to those around you, YOUR your visibility, YOUR spirit.

When you think of how you explain yourself, often we use the phrase: "I am..." That is a sun phrase. It is the "I am consciousness", how you differentiate yourself from others through outward self-expression.

Imagine yourself on a sunny day, soaking up the rays. How does that feel to do you?
Much like enjoying the sun on such a day, is what it's like when you tap into your solar energy.
When you step into alignment with your flow of spirit/sun energy, it is similar to that feeling of delight while basking in the sun.

If you are a creative or soul-preneur, harnessing your light can prove very beneficial.

People are drawn to your work, as it is an expression of you - partly a sharing of your spirit.
It is how your work is visible to the external world.
If you feel unclear about your work, or that you have trouble being visible with it, tapping into your solar energy can help you step into the light with it.

Sounds great? Where do we start?

Remember your star sign, according to month you were born?

Well, each of the twelve signs are divided up into four different elements.

Tapping into the elemental nature of your sign is a great way of understanding the way your light is filtered.


If you are a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, you are Water.
If you are an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, you are Air.
If you are an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you are Fire.
If you are a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, you are Earth.


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