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April Astrology Workshop - Venus - Your Heart

Have you ever been interested in learning more about astrology, both in general and for you personally? Do you want to learn more about astrology but are intimidated by all of the technical terminology?

Come join us the magical evening of April 24th to partake in both learning and experiencing the meaning of Venus, the goddess of heart connection. You will not only learn more about what Venus means in your chart, but how to bring the acknowledgement of these energies into your daily rituals. We will be learning about Venus and the astrological signs through examples in nature - the elements - to ground cosmic knowledge in a tangible, easy to comprehend way.

The first part of the workshop will consist of discussing the philosophy of astrology, and how it is usable and relatable to us collectively and individually. We will be looking at the meaning of Venus, and how the goddess of love is also the goddess of truth, beauty, and heart connection.

The second part will consist of experiencing the energies of Venus in your birth chart through both reflection and intention. Understanding Venus in ourselves and its expression (the sign it is in), helps to unlock the potential of how we connect in a heart-based manner to others and the world around us. Upon signing up, you will be given a short workbook to complete before the workshop, asking you reflect on the themes of relationships in your life. As we are healing the Venusian expression in your chart, it is essential to have an understanding at where you are at with it currently, and then in class we will look at each of our individual Venus’ and seek to empower them so that we may engage in healing heart-connections with others to bring more playfulness and joy into our relationships!

You will also receive a workbook reviewing the information discussed and also little exercises and meditations to help integrate the knowledge into your day-to-day! Each workbook is personalised with a print out of your birth chart, and also a easy to follow guide to interpret your Venus.

After a lifetime of fascination with the intuitive arts, Katrina Brady was introduced to both astrology and energy healing while studying in India almost 10 years ago. She has also been a student of Irish astrologers Andrew Smith and Karen Morgan for the past 3 years. As both an astrology and energy healer, she practices astrology through an empowering healing lens.

When: Monday, April 24th at 8:30 - 10:30 pm
Where: Dublin Holistic Centre, Studio 1
Cost: €25 per workshop (cost including workbook)

Sign up and prepay for the April & May astrology workshops for €40, a savings of €10.

Spaces are very limited, rsvp required.
All are welcome, no prior astrological knowledge needed!
Your birth day, exact time, and location will be necessary to print your chart.

To learn more contact Katrina at
Mobile: 083-170-9912.
Email at: